Weight training & fitness programs for Men and Women

Listed are fitness programs tested and proven over time , some by thousands of users both Male and Female.  For the ladies, don’t worry about ever getting bulky or looking manly from these (or any) programs involving weights unless you decide to take steroids or male hormones!

With any program the most important supportive factors are proper nutrition, safe progression of performance over time (weight used,  number of repetitions per set, speed, distance/time etc)  and finally sufficient recovery/rest. One of the most common mistakes is doing too much too soon. It pays off to start slowly and light avoiding injury or burnout which is why most quit. The road to fitness and health is a lifelong journey not a quick  or temporary fix!


S4Health.com Program  – Simple from Home or Gym full body workout program! From home it’s much less costly than a gym membership with the convenience of staying local! All you need is a set of adjustable dumbbells and a pair of sneakers!

Scoobys Beginner Home work out –  A simple 20- 40 minute full body home workout! All you need is a set of adjustable dumbbells and a pull up bar you can purchase cheaply on amazon.

Jason Blaha’s 5×5 Novice program – Requires a Gym and/or access to barbells.  Good for building both size and strength naturally as quickly as possible.  We recommend to initially use a trainer or partner who will make sure you are using correct/safe form. Start very light and  build up slowly over time!




Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!

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