S4Health Workout program for beginner to intermediate fitness

This full body workout program  combining resistance/weight training and cardio is meant to be simple and easy to follow for beginners – intermediates  for 3 to 5 days a week alternating days for workout A and B .

You can do all these from any gym or at home with 1 affordable set of adjustable dumbbells, comfortable clothes and a pair of sneakers for cardiovascular workout .

The Cardio (Cardiovascular) component can be done right after the weights ( and also on days off weight training) by brisk walking as in our cardio program linked at the bottom of this page


Lets start with the Weight lifting. 

Each exercize = 1 warm up set of  6 to 8 repetitions of 30-50% of the workout weight, then 3 sets of 8 to 12 Repetitions (Reps) with 60 seconds rest between sets.

In the beginning you can focus on learning and practicing proper form with very light weights (2.5 to 10lbs) for the first week. This also allows you to work on perfecting form and for your muscles to slowly adapt to your new workout routine.

After the first week  you may test and find your ideal weight for each exercise which should start to feel challenging in the last few reps (repetitions) of 8. Once 8 reps starts to become easy over time you may attempt reps 9-12.

Once you reach 12 reps with a weight for 3 sets you may move onto a slightly heavier weight and start over at 8 reps. Progressive overload over time leads to strength and muscle gains guaranteed!


Workout A

Dumbell curl (for the Arms/biceps):





Dumbell Triceps extension (Arms/Triceps) – can be done standing:


Dumbell row (Back/Lats) – use a chair if you dont have a bench :


Dumbell Rear Lateral Raise (Upper Back/Posterior Shoulder-Deltoids) :


Crunches (Abdominals) :


Workout B

Dumbell bench press (Chest) – can also be done lying down on the floor :


Shoulder press (Shoulders) – can also be done standing :


Dumbell shrugs (Neck/Traps) :


Hamstrings (Posterior Thigh/Legs/Calves)


Quiadriceps (Anterior/Front Thigh/Legs/Calves)



Now with the low impact Cardio (Cardiovascular) Portion

[ Click  here or the image below for our easy program ]



Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!

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2 Responses

  1. James S says:

    I’ve been using your dumbell workout program with evening walks for a few months and lost 15 lbs! Hopefully will lose another 15 in a few more months! Should I try the 5 x 5 for better results?

  2. s4health says:

    If you are looking for something more challenging and have either a workout partner or trainer to help you with using good form then go for it!

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