S4HEALTH™ Est. 2014

At S4health.com, we gather science backed resources, plans, recipes and more for fitness, strength, weight loss, health and longevity. All the information on our site is free with no plans for sale, no ads,  no gimmicks or memberships from us required.


After a lifetime of obesity and being 90 lbs heavier well into adulthood, the founder of s4health.com started his journey and research towards physical fitness and health. Along the way he fell more than a few times, but would always get up and keep going. As a result a wealth of knowledge and experience was gained. He is still on the life long path , will never look back and wants to help others improve their health and levels of fitness.

This website is dedicated to those who doubt they could ever be fit or healthy, and also to the many who have tried and failed in the past. Taking control and improving your life through fitness and health is not nearly as hard as most think if they are willing to put in the work and the right techniques are used. Never stop believing in what you can accomplish with hard work and determination!

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